I’ve been working as a creative strategist and consultant for companies and entrepreneurs in the Brazilian market. Currently, my professional range goes from product conception walking through to content and branding due to the combination of my experience in advertising offices and the fashion retail industry.

Practice in creating, directing, supervising graphic collections. Knowledge of casual clothing retailer markets, including all printing techniques such as cylinder, digital, and screen printing. I consider myself a professional constantly focused on solutions, with excellent creative, analytical, and strategic skills eagle in to bring positive impacts to the brands.

When I was a child I really loved putting things together, I always got that - doing - energy in command and somehow just knew how things went together. Sounds natural when I say that’s what led me to become a designer. I feel very comfortable operating with creative tools, I feel confident and bold during my conception moment.

Now I’m currently leading one of the Creative Team in W3Haus - where my main challenge is to combine content with digitalization to the local’s brands in a fashionable way. I’m really strong in understanding the true question which one the people want to be answered. Also, I see myself with a natural skill of connecting the physical and digital world when I create this dialog between products and graphics with the customer’s emotions and desires.

Fashion is a powerful platform and I’m sure that the next level is into the digitalization universe. So, I’ve told you about my past but I like to keep my eyes on the future and right now I’m asking myself: what I can do for you in the future?

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With my branding and product expertise - one of my services is to study and predict future sceneries, analyzing deep research data and bringing news insights and points of view. I like to see myself as a person who brings the change but never good news to the company.


Responsible for the graphics team for Adidas Neo in the Chinese market - for sure one of the most powerful experiences I had in my life.



​One of the five first graphic designers in the company. When I left the Lojas Renner after almost 5 years later, it was more than 25 graphic designers. 

My heart is full of joy to see that I made my part in building this area in one of the biggest fashion retailers in the Americas - as a reference in the graphics results in my division.


While I worked in Lojas Renner, I was part of the voluntary Projeto Pescar project. I taught them about creation as a transformative tool, gender and sexuality, and fashion history.



Experience of 7 years in the communication industry - focused on fashion brands and campaigns.

I have achieved the level of Head of Design, managing and coordinating the clients' marketing strategies.